The City of Merrill offers Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) housing loans to income eligible homeowners, homebuyers and landlords, who reside within City limits. These loans were made possible by a Federal program that is administered by the State of Wisconsin and awarded by the City of Merrill Community Development Director.

For HOMEOWNERS, the program provides zero interest, deferred loans (the loan is repaid when you move from the home) that may be used by “low and moderate income” homeowners for eligible home repairs.

What is income eligible?

A homeowner must not have household income exceeding the following limits:

Household Size         Income Limit
 1                                  $50,750
 2                                  $58,000
 3                                  $65,250
 4                                  $72,500
 5                                  $78,300
 6                                  $84,100
 7                                  $89,900
 8                                  $95,700

*Income includes gross wages, interest income, social security, retirement, unemployment or worker’s compensation and other income benefits. 

What can I use the loan for?

Eligible repairs include weatherization (insulation, storm windows, etc.), interior repairs, updating plumbing, wiring, heating, repairing a chimney, foundation, porch, roof, siding or painting exterior of home. Your property could also be modified to make it handicapped accessible. Whenever possible, the City will coordinate its efforts with other established agencies and organizations such as the Community Action Program (CAP) and Wisconsin Public Service.

*Equal Opportunity Program